May 10, 2010

Retreats Part 1

This was a really fun retreat put on by Pie Plate Patterns. There were lots of classses to choose from. I had the privelage to teach two classes, the Mystery Bag and the Vintage Circles quilt by YoYo Mama Designs.

This is what I was working on when I wasn't downstairs teaching a class or sewing in a class. I finished this quilt top from start to finish, from cutting to sewing it all together. I did stay up late the last night sewing on the borders so I could show it off at show and tell on Saturday morning. This quilt is made from a layer cake and it's from the Rural Jardin collection from French General for Moda. This will be my quilt goal for May.
This is Bonnie and Brenda of Pie Plate Patterns, visit their site sometime when you get the chance.

Flora Gillman taught the first class Wednesday evening. I was glad that I took her class on conquering curves. I have always been a little fraidy cat to try this method, but she changed all of that. Her technique is really a slick one.

Here are a few of my blocks I finished that night. My goal is to have this whole quilt completed by next springs retreat so I can show it at our show and tell session.

Thursday morning was my bag class. My class had a total of 12 students when really it should have only had 8. I just kept getting phone calls just days before the retreat to see if it was ok if they join in on the fun. Of course I said yes, because you know me, I can't turn anyone away when they want to learn something new.
After I reveiled each clue, I would put it up on the design wall so they could see just what they were to do.
Carrie and Linda from Gracie Lou's Quilt Shop, making their bags.

When they opened the mystery bag, this is the bag they found. This completed bag is from the Moda line, Rawhide.

Friday morning I taught my second class. This is a fun technique, you quilt the front and back as you sew the patches on.

The first batch of quilts, way to "SEW" girls. There were such a great variety of color ways.

And here are the rest of the finished quilts. Some great ones here too.

Each afternoon we gathered for a trunk show. Thursday afternoon Flora showed us this hugh pile of quilts. All of her quilts are amazing. You can visit Flora at Broadbent's in Lehi. They have a great selection of fabrics and patterns.
Thursday afternoon my girl's, Kaitlyn and Kira came down for a quilt class taught by Bonnie. It was called Lulu's YoYo's. It's made from a layer cake, giant ric rac and yo yo's made from some of the layer pieces.

Kaitlyn made her quilt from the Honky Dory line, Kira made hers from Make Life and I made mine from Eden both Moda lines.

You can see a sample of the quilt behind us. I always enjoy the time we can get together and sew. I am so glad they both enjoy the hobby of sewing.
On Friday morning I got a little surprise that was totally not expected. Kaitlyn and McKinley drove over from Levan to have lunch with me.
"Where's your belly"? Kaitlyn asked McKinley. When she lifted her shirt, this is what was waiting underneath. It said, "I'm a soon to be a Big Sister! Wow, what a surprise, this means I'm going to be a grandma to 5.

Each evening we met at 10:00 to participate in the midnight sew. They held it at this time just in case some wanted to go to bed early, ha ha. The first night we learned free form foundation pieceing. Kind of funny, but it was fun to learn. Wacky and wild I would call it.
The second night we made this cute garland out of patriotic fabrics. This is going to be a fun project for my Simply Sewing girls soon I can tell.
The third night we played a really fun game involving strips of fabric. It was called "Strip Poker"! Each round we played with strips of fabric. What fun this was, look at all the fabric strips I collected.

Saturday morning we gathered for one last day of door prizes and our show and tell session. They really had a lot of prizes for us, you should see all the loot I came home with. At the show and tell each teacher got up and told about their classes and then had those who stayed to stand up and show their projects.

Here are some of the Mystery Bags. Myself, Marlene Humphries, Carol Cox and Jackie Bulloch. Didn't they do a good job on their bags?

Most of my ladies had gone home so they missed out showing off their quilts. Here is Marlene and Flora showing theirs off. Now all they have to do is finish binding and washing them. Washing them afterwards is what gives the quilt the vintage feel.

As you can see from all the fun pictures that this was a real rewarding retreat for many. If you didn't attend this year, try to put it on your calendars for next spring. Remember, the more the merrier.

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Yvonne said...

Boy oh boy, have you been busy! Now I understand you didn't have much time for blogging!
Many congrats with the news you are going to be a grandmother again! And what a great way to announce it. McKinley looks so proud!
What a beautiful projects you have made again. I have fallen in love with the rawhide bag. What a cuty!