May 25, 2010

I'm Back!

So you are all probably wondering why you didn't see anything from me during market, huh? And I promised that I would keep you up on our journey while we were there. So here's what happened. The first night was a diaster,(more on that later) and when I went to blog the second night I couldn't get wireless connection. Somehow it has been disabled and for the life of me and some help from others we couldn't get it working. I am home as of late last night, I am unpacking and then its off to work this afternoon. I will try and sit down tonight and catch you up on some wonderful experiences I had at market. This will definately be a picture overload, so stay connected and bear with me. I'll get them done. Shannon


Yvonne said...

Welcome back in blogland! I peeked for some pictures on the Fat Quarter Shop Blog, they look marvelous. Looking forward to yours! said...

I'm hanging on a thread here.... :o)