May 28, 2010

Day 3, Let's decorate!

Well looky here, we made it to International Quilt Market. It's time to get started unpacking the truck and setting up the booth. I can't believe it's been a week since I was there. What a great experience for me. A bit overwhelming at first but I loved every minute of it. Thank you Emily for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime. It was a ball. Here is the before picture of the booth,
and after! Well what do you think? Isn't it terrific. Emily really had some great ideas and really went the extra mile on some of the props even with all she has gone through she gave a 100% of making things work. And her work payed off, she had lots of comments on it and everywhere we went everyone knew us as the Crazy Old Ladies! She used the theme of Alice in Wonderland for her booth. The madhatter and crazy old ladies go hand in hand. We're all mad around here!
Look who just happened to stop by the booth while we were decorating. It's Amy(aka Katie Cupcake). After corresponding through e-mails it was nice to meet her in person. I have made several of her My Favorite Bag patterns. I showed her my travel bag and I also shared the bag that I tested for her. I'm holding the cute bag that I tested for her. Isn't she cute? Both Amy and the bag! This pattern should be released soon. Another great pattern from Amy.

After we had finished setting up we went roaming the hall. We stopped by Bonnie and Camille's booth. Oh my, what a darling booth. Their new line, Bliss is so dang cute. I love the reds and teals in it. Camille was so sweet to visit with us.

We ventured downtown with the Izzy and Ivy gals to grab a bite of lunch. These girls are locals and their booth was just kiddy corner from the Crazy Old Ladies. We had lunch at Chiptole, yummy mexican food. After lunch we made our way to this great and awesome store called, Target. It was huge, two stories in fact. After you shop the second floor you load your cart on an escalator and down it goes. Is that the coolest thing ever? We had great laughs in there, we even saw a homeless clown wandering around. He was very scary looking.

Here's Emily escorting our cart down.

Can you see me?

Most of the eating establishments were all outdoors, we choose to eat inside because it was a bit hot and muggy. Lot's of things to choose from, fresh food markets, entertainment and watching scary clowns making their way through! I wish I had gotten a picture but I didn't dare.

After lunch and shopping we geared ourselves up for Sample Spree that evening. This is where vendors set up booths to sell the new lines of fabric coming out. We were in line at 5:00 and it didn't even open until eight. What in the heck were we thinking. But it was so worth it. We really got some fun loot.
Isn't this bag cute? The lady in front of us in line was sporting it. I just love the appliqued word on the front, dosen't it explain everything.

Open, open, open! Isn't it time yet?

Doesn't this picture say it all? Way to much shopping that night. Emily had to go get the car because we had so much "JUNK" to carry and it was getting mighty heavy. Oh, but did we have going through it after we got back to our room. It was like show and tell at school.
The end of another great day, to be continued...


Yvonne said...

The booth really looks awsome Shannon. What a great job you both did! I wish I could have been there to watch and feel all the beautiful stuff! Love it that you took a picture of Amy (Katie Cupcake) since we are going to make her "my favorite bag" here in the Netherlands this fall.
I fell in love with the Bonni and Camille's booth as well, love these colors. Do you also get a kick shopping at Target? I hope you do have them in Utah? When I am in the U.S. I always have to visit the Wal-Mart and Target stores several times. Just love them! I could spend a day and nog get bored. I gues that is why we always have to buy an extra suitcase when we fly back home, hahaha!
Thanks for sharing your experiences again, loved reading it and looking at the great pictures. The "Junk" bag is a knock out to!
I bet you got some compliments on the bag you carried, the blue and black one of 'my favorite bag'.
Looking forward to your next post! said...

I'm so glad you have the energy to do this- now my family can see it all too! LOL Also, thanks for binding...AGAIN!

Collette C. said...

Your booth was darling. Thanks for sharing all the cute pictures Glad you had a good time, and glad you made it home, after all your adventures. We need to get together so you can tell us all about it. Love you, Collette