May 11, 2010

Birthday time!

We celebrate two very special kids birthdays in May. Thayne turned two on May 1st, and Karas was five on the 5th of May. Karas' birthday is really special because she was born on 5-5-05. Pretty awesome huh, so it was fun that she turned 5 this year.
Our happy birthday boy, he is always so happy and fun to be around. Love you, Thayner Man!
Grandma and Grandpa White gave Karas a new tutu for her to wear at her Fancy Nancy party. She loves to be dressed up, this is a sweet little girl and we are all so happy she is in our lives.
Time for cake!
This is the best, smiles for everyone.
Happy, happy birthday to two cute kids.

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Yvonne said...

And a happy birthday from here to!