January 1, 2009

'08 was GREAT!

Happy New Year to all our friends and family. I thought it would be fun to share some of our memorable moments of 2008. We had some great things happen through out the year, here are some of my favorties:
February, we had our 1st annual Valentine's dinner. This is something we are going to do the Sunday before Valentine's Day from here on out. We had a nice dinner, had a mini chocolate bar and decorated sugar cookies.

The first weekend in May was very eventful for everyone. On May 1st we welcomed John Thanye Carter into the White house clan, what a little cutie. Then on May 2nd we traveled to Logan to witness something exciting. Jacob graduated from Utah State University. We couldn't be prouder parents and grandparents could we?Jacob moved away to Idaho Falls making us full time empty nesters now. He's enjoying his job at Harris Publishing and loves to get paid to play!

In June, Stuart went with his best friend Doc Shaffer to film a show for the National Geograpic Channel on finding gold. He took all of our horses for this project. The show aired in November. If you missed it go back to my November posts and watch a little portion of it.

This was a bittersweet day for me, but one I will cherish for a long time. These are the girl's I worked with at Heritage Woodworks, yes I said worked with. This was the last day the store was open. The day was a little emotional for all of us. Ellen closed the store after 22 years in business. I worked for her close to 11 years. What great memories I have of the store and the customers. I miss seeing these girls and just laughing and having fun.

In July Hatch got to try his hand at the Mutten Bustin' at the preshow for the Fiesta Days Rodeo. What a real cowboy he is. He rode the sheep backwards and won the event with all the style points. This was a practice run, he will for sure have a place in the rodeo event this year.

I entered Kaityln's quilt in the Fiesta Days quilt show along with some others. I'm just a little proud of this quilt, my Mom had embroidered all the squares before she passed away. They needed to be put together so I took on the challenge. It turned out just the way I wanted it to. The show was offering one reward this year, fan favorite. You could vote on your favorite quilt in the show. I was so surprised when I went to pick my quilts up, I was told that I was the winner of the award. I started to cry becuase I know that my mom would have been so proud of me and the quilt. I won a $50.00 gift card and I bet you can guess what that bought, your right, fabric!

On September 23rd we traveled to Manti to be with Kaitlyn and Mike as they were sealed together in the temple. What a special day for them and in a few short days they would be blessed with a new little one to join this eternal family.

And here she is, Miss McKinley Kaye Mitchell. She entered the family on September 30th, just 7 days after the temple sealing. What special little angel she is. Another proud moment for the grandparents.

What did we do? I guess you could call this a mid-life crisis or empty nesters syndrome. When we went to St. George in November we made a little switch in cars. We traded my four door Grandma car in for this fun Mustang GT. I know our kids thought we were crazy, oh well! So far we are loving the car. I hope everytime we go to St. George we don't bring souviners home like this!
The new license plates are going to say "SEW FUN". Sew stands for something other than sewing, it also happens to be the enitials in Stuart's name, which is Stuart Edward White. Pretty cool don't you think?

Another great event at the White house in 2008 was Stuart's 50th birthday. We had a party at Kira's house with our family and a couple of close friends.

We hope this past year has been just as eventful as ours. Sit back and reflect on your year, and start making some plans for the new year that's upon us. I know there will be just as many fun times ahead in this year. Things will be fine in 2009!

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