January 18, 2009

Girl's + Fun= LOVE!

While Jacob and Stuart went snowmobiling on Saturday, the girl's and I had a fun day of lunch and crafting. Kira came up with the cutest Valentine's decoration for us to make. She always comes up with something amazing. We got together and started painting the letters for our Love blocks and we decided it way past lunch time so we loaded McKinley and Thayne up and headed over to Springville to the Art City Trolley. UM, UM! What a decision to make, should I use this paper or this paper? So many fun possibilites with this one.
Kira, Kaitlyn, Angie and myself at the Trolley, I had the best salad but I couldn't pass up the fresh cut french fries so I had some of those too. Oh my gosh, I am a pig! Worth every bite too!

What a cheeser, don't you want to kiss this little guy all over. Thanye is such a happy baby and was entertaining all through lunch.

The lunch break was over so it was time to get some serious crafting done while the babies were sleeping.

Here is the end result, don't you think they are "shut up" cute as the girl's called them. It was fun to add one more to our girl's day out. Angie is such a cute and sweet girl, I hope she had fun hanging out with us all day and didn't think we were to silly, as we can get that way alot.

This is my finished project, we glittered the "O" and boy that made the other letters pop. "Shut up", these were so fun to make. Thanks Kira for finding something fun for us to do. Jacob better bring Angie down with him again real soon, she fits right in and we enjoyed having her here too.


Alice said...

Those are cute letters. I love them!

Deanne Ainge said...

It looks like you had so much fun together, and your valentine's decorations turned out so cute. Sure makes me miss our craftin days together! Luv ya!

Shortcake and Company said...

Shut up!! That's a great craft. You girls are too cute.

deborah peake said...

Those are adorable. You and your girls always have fun..You babies are all growing up. I need to get with you and make some baby blankets. I hope your holidays were filled with lots of love.