January 3, 2009

My holiday projects!

Now that the Christmas season is over I can post pictures of some of the projects I was working on during the month. I love giving homemade presents. I like to see the joy in the faces of those receiving them. This gift bucket was for nieces and nephews on Stuart's side of the family. I put four of these together and a smaller version of it for Pam & Doc. In the bucket I put all different ingredients and recipes to make some really new popcorn recipes. I will share those with you at a later date. I hope they enjoyed their surprises.

I participated in two holiday apron swaps, one was to be fancy and the other one had to be Christmas themed. The maroon one went to Debye in California and the other one went to Blye in Kansas. They both received their aprons and said they were enjoying them. I'm so glad.
These fun baskets were for Kira and Kaitlyn. They both have picked up on doing a little more sewing in the last little while so I thought it would be fun to give them something to do as a girl's day out. These are quilt kits I put together for them. I included everything, thread, starch and even the backing. They are in a cute little tote that sits by your sewing machine for all your other sewing supplies. Jacob can't say "You never did love me anyways"! I finally got a quilt done for him. This one is made in plaids and paisely prints. The pattern is called Floating Squares. I incorperated navy blue cordaroy as the squares and the inside border. Jacob thought that was a neat thing, he said it reminded him of his FFA jacket. At first I wondered if he thought I had cut up his jacket to use. I reassured him that I did not.
Here he is on Christmas morning with his new quilt. It didn't take him long to break it in, later that afternoon he was all curled up in it taking a nap. I hope he will stay nice and warm in Idaho using his quilt this winter.
These cute makeup bags were also for Kira and Kaitlyn. I love spoiling the girls. I filled them with little travel size items. Then we included a gift certificate to Naturally Yours for some royal treatments of massages, facials etc. This will be another fun 4 months of girl day outs.

I lined the inside of the bags so they won't get really yucky from their makeup. I used iron on vinyl for the inside, it's fun and easy to use. You just iron it on the right side of the fabric.

This fun quilt was for some good friends of ours. The fabric is southwest motifs, their whole house is decorated in the southwest stuff, so when I ran onto this fabric line on the internet I knew it was perfect for them. It's a throw size they can cuddle up in and watch some t.v. Merry Christmas to Doc and Bonnie.

I know I had a few more projects that were finished, but I forgot to take pictures of them. A few more aprons were given as gifts, but I did remember to take a picture of this cute one. It was made for Jacob's new girlfriend, Angie. She's a cowgirl, so this fabric was perfect for her. I included in her package some cupcake supplies and measuring cups and spoons. Jacob said she likes to cook and who wouldn't when you can wear something this little and cute. I hope Angie thought it was cute to.

This cute bag was made for a good freind that I have had for many years. DeAnne is a Librarian for one of the elementary schools here in town, so I made her a cute new book bag to haul her books to and from school. The flower inset is a pieced flower block, the bag itself is made out of brown cordaroy. This pattern is kind of a made up one. I thought it turned out rather cute if I do say so myself. Enjoy the bag DeAnne.

I had alot of fun putting these gifts together for all the special people on my list. Did I forget to mention that I love to sew? Now I'm starting on some unfinished projects that have been neglected through out the year. My goal is to finish all the quilts that are started. Not many but some. Find some cute new projects for my Simply Sewing 101 group, and just enjoy doing what I like best, sewing for others.


Deanne Ainge said...

The bag is absolutely adorable. I love it. You are so talented, and thoughtful. Thanks for being such a great friend to me.
Love ya a bunch!
P.S. And the jammies and socks are comfy too!

Rachelle Carling said...

Aunt Shannon,
I loved your gift! You are always so dang thoughtful and creative. What can I say... you're the best!
Happy New Year!

Shortcake and Company said...

I knew you were a busy little bee. We LOVED our gift too. In fact, I'll probably take your idea as a gift next year. All of your projects are so cute. The makeup bags are such a great idea. Way to go craft woman!