January 6, 2009

Hands off!

For Christmas both Stuart and Jacob got these amazing little branding irons. We found them in one of the western magazines that come here. You can order from their catalog or you can special order your own brand. I thought this was a fun idea, so we also ordered one for John and Stuart's brother Steve. They will brand just about anything you want your brand on, your steak off the barbie, hamburgers, using it as a wall decoration, leather or you can do what Jacob did by putting his brand on his new boots. I'm sure nobody will take them with a Rocking JW on them! Stuart's brand, the JH goes back to his great great grandpa Jens Hansen, it's been past down through generations. He now has the brand. In my display table downstairs I have one of his original iron brands. Stuart is so fond of the farming heritage that runs in his family.

The Rocking JW brand was orgininated about 8 years ago. Jacob designed his own brand and has it registered in his name. He has branded all our horses with it and other things as well, like his business cards when he started Rockin JW Diesel Performance. I know Jacob's brand will be passed on down to his kids and so on. Jacob, like his Dad is so thankful for the family that has taught him to love the skills and trades associated with the lifestyle of a cowboy.

Jacob and Stuart heated up the brand on the stove top and I can tell you, that thing was HOT!! They had a test run on his old boots before he branded his new ones. Boys will be boys.

Here's the finished project. The Rockin' JW cowboy boot! I wonder what else he has branded since his return to Idaho Falls.

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Lindsay said...

Treyson just did a report on an ancestor named Jens Hansen. He settled in Spanish Fork and was Pauline's Great-Great-Grandpa. Hmmm...