January 12, 2009

I love Bargains!!

While I was in St. George this past week I ran onto some great bargains I couldn't pass up, you know me, I love to shop especially if it's on sale! I went into Mormon Handicraft to sign up for some of their quilt classes for the days that I am there in the upcoming months. All of their Christmas fabrics and kits were 75% off. I made out like a bandit. I got backing fabrics to match some fabric I already have, plus a few other great pieces. I picked up six Peace on Earth handwovens charm packs for $2.20 each. I have a cute quilt pattern I want to make out of them. My total bill was around 67.00 for 21 yards of fabric plus a kit and my charm packs. WOW!! I figured my savings on this purchase was close to $240.00. I did good on this one! Now I wish I'd bought a little more of some of them. Oh well, there's always next year right? I can't wait to get sewing some of them. I promised myself I was going to finish up projects that are already in progress before I start something new. I'm movin on it, I've already finished up 2 quilt tops that were started. So maybe it will be sooner than later!! Happy sewing!


Alice said...

Looks like you got some great stuff.

Kaitlyn said...

I am jelous. How fun is that, you always find good deals. Cant wait to see all of it. I should have had you find something for my christmas apron. Well Happy Sewing! Love ya Mom.

Suzee said...

Are you home, or in St. George? I need to get some money down to you. Email me and let me know how much I owe you! You seriously saved me from tons of excess work!!! I am forever grateful! My email is