January 26, 2009

A little lost!

What is this box and why is it hiding in the corner of the entertainment center? And what is this wire and masking tape doing following the floor and floorboards?

Is that wire following the kitchen floor too? It's going up the bar post, what the heck?

Oh my it's the old reliable laptop. Why you ask? We didn't think we'd miss using the computer that much, well you guessed it. We did! We had to take the computer apart downstairs for the remodeling job that's going on. I told Stuart I'd be ok without it, come to find out he couldn't do it either. He's so smart, this is our make do computer station for a little while.

I think you could say we both missed checking our e-mails and we missed seeing the blogs of family and friends. And needless to say I missed blogging for a day or two. So I'm back, thanks Stuart for thinking of such a great idea, you've always been the smart one of the two of us!


Anonymous said...

Great. The first part of recovery is admitting you're a blog addict.

The next part is doing something about it.

Alice said...

I can't believe you guys even thought for a minute you could do with your COMPUTER!