January 25, 2009

Legal Again!

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn Jane, your legal again. Didn't you just turn 16 and was getting your Drivers License? Now your 21!! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, let's go! jk Hope your birthday was an extra special one. We had a girl's day out Friday to help Kaitlyn celebrate. We met at the Italian Place for lunch, and then went to the spa to use our gift certificates we got for Christmas. On the way we had a few minutes so we stopped at Rocket Rebellion a cute new store in Spanish Fork, it carries alot of fun new and old vintage items. Jan and I had a good time reflecting on some of the things they carry. It took us back to our childhood days. We had Kaitlyn and Kira laughing as we talked about the good old days. You need to check this store out when your in town if you want a good laugh. Kaitlyn and her birthday gifts. Last May I helped her and her sister in law, Tori peice a quilt together. The pattern they used was Turning Twenty, to bad it wasn't called Turning 21!! They both did a great job on them. Kaitlyn got hers all done and it's been at my house since waiting to be quilted, so for a surprise I had it quilted and then I bound it for her. She was pleased with the end result.

Look how cute this is, the colors just fit Kaitlyn's personality. She's caught the sewing bug, she can't wait to get started on the kit I gave her for Christmas.

Everyone needs a Cadillac bag! This would of been up my mom's alley, she drove the nicest Caddies for along time. I don't know Kira, it's just not you! Sorry.

Kaitlyn checking out the dresses at Rocket Rebellion, they all looked like something Lucy would wear. They were quite commical and fun to look at. It's to bad we didn't take before and after pictures at the spa. This is the only picture I got as I was in having a wonderful massage. There is four different packages included on our certificates. Kira had her hair colored and trimmed, Kaitlyn had a manicure and Jan had a skin analysis and a facial. Next month we will rotate packages. It's fun to be pampered just a little bit!

The after affect is smiles for everyone.

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