April 13, 2009

No horse'n around the school...

unless it's animal day at Santaquin Elementary. Stuart got a phone call the first of the month from Hatch. The conversation went something like this. "Grandpa do you think you could load "my" horse Patch up and bring him over to school on the 10th at 10:30." Grandpa replied sure I'd love to do that with "your" horse. It was so cute, he didn't want to talk to me at all, he knew just the things he needed to talk to Grandpa about. Hatch knew all the details of the day. The phone call wasn't very long but it was very informative.Stuart getting Patch ready for his big show & tell day at school. Patch has been around the White house for quite some time. Patch was born the same year Jacob was, so let's see that makes him almost 24 years old. All of the kids have grown up riding him. Now I'm riding him on the horse rides. He's such a gentle horse to be around and just follows along with the other horses. When Hatch was beginning to talk he discovered Hatch and Patch sounded alike, so from then on old Patch has been "his" horse.
Grandpa put Karas on Patch so she could ride before all the other kids came out to see. She was having the time of her life. She loves any animal and is never afraid to be close to them. She even had her pink cowboy boots on that Grandpa bought her for the rodeo last summer.
I love you Patch. Karas was huggin' and just a kissn' Patch. She's not afraid of anything.
John and Stuart giving the horse rides to Hatch's classmates. We had a very long line of kids waiting to ride Patch. He's not used to this kind of activity. I think before the hour was over Patch was getting tired of giving horsey rides.
Hatch, Patch and Grandpa ready for a ride.
All three of the kids saddled and ready for the ride. Thayne wasn't quite sure what was going on. We couldn't get a smile out of him all morning which is unusal for this little guy.
What a fun way to spend a spring morning. I think Hatch and all his school friends were thrilled to have his Grandpa and Patch at school that morning.

It was fun chillin' with all of them that morning. After we got Patch loaded in the trailer we headed to One Man Band for lunch. Hop, hop, hop. Look I'm the Easter Bunny!

Hatch, thanks for inviting Grandpa to school and letting me tag along. I had fun too!


Angie said...

That is just so cute. I love the picture of Karas givin Patch kisses *priceless*. Good horses like that dont come around very often and that makes me grin from ear to ear knowing Patch is in your lives. That was very nice for you guys to give ALL the kids a ride, thats a lot of work and takes quite a bit of patience! Bonding with a horse is somthing special!Those kids will remember that forever!

Jacob said...

Patches might be old, but he ain't ready for retirement yet...

You know, I'd thought when I got my own place up here, and had room for some horses I'd bring Bernerd and Patches to roam the pastures of Idaho.

But I don't think Hatch would ever let that happen...he'd be too far away.