April 19, 2009

It's over already!

Where did four months go? On Friday we met at the spa for our last pampering on our spa gift certificates we got for Christmas. It has been really fun getting together for a lunch and spa date. My last treatment was a manicure or I could upgrade to glitter toes. As you can tell I opted for the glitter! What a postion they sit you in to get this royal treatment. Oh the things we won't do to look glam!
Kaitlyn's last treatment was the deep head massage and a hair cut. It's always fun to get your hair done by someone else other than yourself. Meaning Kaitlyn is a hairstylist herself!

Kira's last royal treatment was a facial and Jan's was a 20 minute massage. Here we are in all our glory at the end of a wonderful Christmas gift. (Side note: Kira had a good suggestion. "Do you think we could get Pop to spring for another one?") We will have to see about that one!

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Shortcake and Company said...

That has got to be one of the best gifts ever! I love glitter toes...I'm sure your tootsies looked cute and springy.