April 12, 2009


McKinely and Kaitlyn stopped in last Wednesday after Miss M's Dr.'s appointment. This little toad is army crawling all over the place and she's not even 7 months old yet. She could see the phone cord dangling about and you could tell she was on a mission to get it. So off she went, it was the cutest thing ever. She was having such a fun time with it. McKinley was just a laughing as the cord went up and down. I'm surprised the phone itself didn't come off the hook and land on top her. So much for the fun little toys in the toy basket, she has better things to play with like the phone!

Hello, can anyone hear me? Are you out there?
And she's off to find something else to play with, theres only one little problem, she's stuck in the phone cord! What a cutie and a smart one at that. This grandma has bragging rights!

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