April 19, 2009

Hooked on Quilting...

I hope! Tuesday night we met together as friends in my Simply Sewing 101 class. What a great bunch of girl's I have the privledge to associate with. We have made some fun memories just from getting together once a month. I have loved getting to know each and everyone of them. I'm glad I can call them my friends. I always look forward to this night. Our project this month was a simply, simple quilt. It's always fun to see the fabric they have chosen for their projects. They all had some really fun prints to work with.
Oh how fun it is to have new ladies join us. I hope they continue to come out and sew with us. We welcomed Harmonie, Whitney and Christine to our little group Tuesday night. Harmonie didn't even sew that night, she just came out to associate with the ladies. Get your sewing supplies ready for next month Harmonie, we need you!
What a nice surprise when Shanna came over with a cute little Easter basket filled with goodies. She said that the bunny had left it at her house and it had my name on it. Wow, thanks ladies for the cute gift. They all signed the card with such nice thank you's. The bunny sure does know all the things I like. Diet Coke, chocolate, popcorn and a movie. Now all I need is a quilt to bind while I'm watching the movie. The chocolate and Diet Coke I can enjoy while sewing. Thanks again for the wonderful thank you gift ladies. I owe you all a big hug.
Here's Chelsey on the Mercedes, her quilt will be so cute wrapped around the new little girl she is getting in July.

See Shanna sew!
Who took this picture? I know, I bet it was Kira. She likes to join us every now again for some much needed time away from the kids. She's always welcomed by the other ladies and they enjoy having her there. Now I just need to get Kaitlyn there one night too.

Oh my gosh, look how stinkin cute these are. Whitney's has the cutest little cupcake appliqued on it. I just happened to have that pattern in my bag. She thought that combination would work well with her pink and brown quilt. Shanna, Chelsey and Kira all did the flower power applique.
Dondy and her quilt. She chose to make her's a little larger for her sister-inlaw as a gift for her birthday. Wow, what a lucky girl! I'm all about the double row of ric-rac on this cutie. Just love it.
Angela and her cute little number. She did the sail boat applique on her quilt. Amberly also did this pattern for her new little boy. Sorry I didn't get a picture of Amberly 's quilt. She left a little early to get home to sick little boys.

Here's Erin really concentrating on her quilt. She is making two of them for her cute little girls. She found a horseshoe pattern and I had a pattern for the stars. I really admire Erin and her hardwork at sticking to her project until it is completey finished, even after all the ladies have gone home for the evening. She's always around to help me clean up after class though, which is always a good thing. Thanks Erin.

So as you can see, we had another wonderful night of sewing. Now it's time to get ready for the big event. We are having a Simply Fabulous Sew-Along Saturday in May. I will post more details at a later date. All I can say is this, we are going to be sewing all day, so bring on the chocolate! Circle May 16th on your calendars and get those machines in good working order. I can't wait, can you?

2 comments: said...

LOVE IT! Hey, maybe I can post a pic of this on my blog- or at least link to it. I love all the cute variations on the quilts! Looks like so much fun!

Shortcake and Company said...

Like I wrote in the card, you're the bestest aunt and teacher ever. I'm excited to get my quilted and finished. It's been fun coming to your classes and having me think, for just a bit, that I'm crafty.