April 19, 2009

The White house Easter!

Better late than never I guess. Easter was a week ago today and I'm just getting around to posting the pictures of the events of the White house Easter get together. I hope all of you had a Happy Easter and the bunny was good to you. Speaking of the bunny, he has been making his way here for 28 years. The first year Stuart and I were married he filled our baskets full of goodies. This year is no exception, even after all the kids have gone he is still filling the same baskets. I remember buying the baskets at good old Grand Central here in Spanish Fork, they are still in good shape and I'm sure he will fill them for many more years to come. And there's nothing like the best potatoe salad in the whole wide world for your Easter lunch. My mom was always the one in charge of this undertaking. I haven't figured out her recipe that was just stored in her head. Before my Mom got sick and passed away Kira spent some time with her learning how to make it. I have to say Kira makes a mean potatoe salad. This is Kira's assignment now at any Carter get together, so when she made it for their Easter get together she made a double batch for us. This is what we saw when she brought it in!

When Kira and Jacob were little the Easter Bunny brought them the cutest crochet Poo Poo Ducks. They held jelly beans and when you squeeze their bellies the jelly bean would come out the other end. These were an Easter favorite around here for along time. Kira has since taken both of them to her house for her kids to enjoy, but this year she decided to have some made for Jacob and Kaitlyn. Jacob couldn't really remember them but Kaitlyn was having some fun reminicising about the old ones she remembers from here.

Jacob and the new Mr. & Mrs. Poo Poo Duck. Kira also had one made for Angie. Hope she thought it was just as cute and fun as we did. Ahh, a new generation's tradition for Easter.

And just a little Easter egg hunt later that afternoon. The Easter bunny hid a few eggs for each of the grandkids. Thayne had to find the farm animals, Karas' were the Disney Princess' and Hatch had to find the Transformer eggs. McKinley's job was to find the Tinkerbell eggs.

The bunny sure did do some good hiding. Here's Hatch and Grandpa finding one of his eggs on top of the clock. Whew, that's an odd place for an egg don't you think?
For Karas it was all about the goodies, she loves sweets. ( A girl after my own heart) She had her mouth so full of the Rice Krispy bunny she couldn't even talk.

Look there's eggs still to be found. McKinley's eggs stayed hid until she got here on Monday. They couldn't make it on Easter so we celebrated with her then.

Little Miss M enjoying her Easter eggs, and all her treasures.

We all had a "HOPPIN" good time!

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