April 10, 2009



This is something that you probably thought you would never see in our home, but we just finished re-doing the basement family room. This project started almost 5 years ago. What a long dirty mess.

Stuart and Jacob both harvested Bull Elk a couple of years a go on the same day just 15 minute's apart. Stuart has wanted to hang the head and hide that he got ever since. The only place that all of it would fit was on the back wall in our back stair case. Boy!, are those animals big. I didn't think it would take the hole wall.

He also has a nice collection of John Wayne stuff.

We got a gun rack that Stuart recieved for christmas the year he was 14 and used it as a display.

Stuart said;

"The guns can only be on display when he is at home."
"The rest of the time they have to be in the gun safe."
You know Stuart and GUN SAFETY!
More Pic's of the rest of the basement later.
Stuart was so excited that he couldn't wait to show it off

2 comments: said...

It was so fun bumping into you today at 'One Man Band'. Sounds like you had quite a fun day!

Kaitlyn said...

That hide looks cool there i am so excited to see you start getting things out back together.