April 12, 2009


Look what I have at the Corn Wagon now. Do I feel special or what? This all took place a couple of weeks ago. I had gone to get lunch for everybody and when I pulled into the parking lot I noticed something out of the ordinary. This is what I saw. This sign was not there when I got to work that morning. I guess Marsha had put it up on the stall next to the one I was parked in when she got to work after me. So when I ran to get lunch there it was waiting for me. Mary Ann and Marsha couldn't pass it up in a gift shop on the sewing cruise they went on. They thought I needed this to go with my "SEWFUN" car I drive to work. Those two really know how to make someone's day. I think all the other employees are just waiting for their new parking places now! Is this Marsha's car parked in my spot? Should I give her a warning or just call the tow truck? The jokes just keep getting better. We now have the employee of the month award at the Corn Wagon, you can only imagine what goes on with that one. lol Can't wait to share it with you when I'm chosen. Beware, I'm watching my parking stall at all times!!



Hey Shannon, I love your parking spot. Has Lynette noticed that she's the employee of the month yet? or has it changed already?

Em said...

SEW cute! I love those gals!