January 5, 2010

Christmas at the Corn Wagon

Our Christmas party at the Corn Wagon just happened to be on the same day I got the news we were going to be the featured quilt shop on Moda Bakeshop, so I kept it a secret until that night and I made the annoucement after dinner. The only one that knew was Marsha and Mary Ann. Oh were they all giddy after hearing the news. They all had to run into the office to check it out on the computer even before I had the chance to finish telling them all about it. Big, big news for a small town quilt shop from Springville. What a fun night. We all took something for potluck and a exchange gift. I made coconut cupcakes and a chicken and dressing casserole. When I have more time I will blog about the recipes. They are both real yummy.
This was my exchange gift. I made it from of course, one of my favorite lines right now. Rouinerres from French General. It is a necklace and jewelry keeper for traveling. This is what it looks like when it is rolled up and buttoned.

Unroll it and you have the pockets at the bottom and the loops at the top to thread your necklaces through. Everyone was fighting over it. Now I need to make another one for me. Hum, I wonder when that will be!!

Me in front of the Moda Bakeshop display that was on the Moda website. Do I look happy? I am!
Some of my co-workers, Marsha, Lynette, Ramona(crocheting something for me by the way), and Margene.
Alishia, Mary and Lynette(Ozzy) patiently waiting their turn to open gifts.
Marsha and myself. What a wonderful boss. You couldn't ask for better. She just let's me do my own thing and run with it. And look where it got us, Check us out if you haven't had a chance.


Collette C. said...

I think you're looking pretty thin in these pictures. What's going on (or coming off)?

Shortcake and Company said...

Your cuppycakes are adorable!! You know me...I love coconut cupcakes.