January 5, 2010

Sisters Shopping Spree

The first week in December I get to spend a day shopping with my sisters. This is something we did when Mom was still alive. She loved shopping and we knew she would want us to keep this tradition up. We miss having Collette close by, not very often does she get to join us. So we sure do look forward to our get together in the summer time. While we were in St. George over the Thanksgiving holiday I found the perfect little gift I could give my sisters this year. It was something that reminded me so much of my mom that I just had to have them. I took them the day we went shopping so Jan and Tamara could open theirs. I mailed Collette hers, and she called a couple days later to thank me. She also said, "You always know how to make us cry!" When she saw it of course it reminded her of mom. Tamara with her gift.
And Jan with hers.

And here is what I gave them. A Christmas ornament to hang somewhere to remind them of Mom. For those of you who knew my mom, she loved shopping and she always had a new handbag for all the seasons. So I guess you could say she has taught us everything we know. Like Mother, Like Daughter. I also gave them a pair of earrings I had made from left over beads from the necklaces I gave them for their birthdays. Aren't sisters great. I love all of mine so very much.


deborah peake said...

i love those ornaments..where did you find them..They are so special. you are a beautiful sister, mom and friend..looks like santa found everyone at the white house on the nice list....I would love one of your jewelry travel case..let me know..happy new year and I am going to be better at blogging in 2010..

Collette C. said...

Thanks for sharing this. The ornaments are darling, and your thoughtfulness is so appreciated. You are always so good to think of us. I'm sorry I have to miss too many of those shopping days and together times. We've got to start planning a St. George getaway. Love you,

Yvonne said...

Hi Shannon, First of all the best wishes for the new year for you and your loved ones. I missed your Blogs the last week but I did catch up reading all your new ones today. What a great tradition to go shopping with your sisters in rememberence of your mother and what a lovely gifts you have picked for them!
Ductch greetings!

Shortcake and Company said...

You are so thoughtful and those kind of gifts last forever. What a sweetheart you are.