January 6, 2010

Just for Karas!

Back in September I received my Clotilde notions catalog in the mail and these cute dolls caught my eye for a really good price. I thought this would make a fun Christmas gift for our cute little Karas. When the doll came she came with nothing, not even the clothes on her back. So you know what that meant don't you? Yup your right, this Grandma had to get going on doll clothes. Oh how fun was this going to be, I hadn't made doll clothes since my girls were little. I don't know how many Cabbage Patch clothes I made, but I know it was a pot load(or bag)! Then I stumbled across this fun pattern book to make the clothes. All it takes is two coordinating fat 1/4's for each of the outfits and heaven knows I have plenty of those. I could outfit the whole doll universe if I wanted to. Needless to say this doll came out smelling like a rose with all of her stylish and fun outfits. And oh I couldn't forget the shoes and accessories, every girl needs those. Am I right? I found some really great spots online that offer doll accessories at great prices, I guess you could say I went a little overboard, but Karas is worth every penny!
Here are pictures of the outfits I made for Karas's doll. The first picture is what I dressed her in to give it to her.
The wrap around skirt is reversible, it is red polka dot on the other side. She's wearing black croc's for her shoes. Got love em'. I do! Her knit hats were crocheted by one of my co-workers, then I found flowers to clip into them.
This picture is of all the outfits and the shoes to match. OMG I had a hard time parting with her, I was having so much fun dressing her and undressing her to put her in something new. I couldn't decide. Isn't that just like a girl?

Tennis anyone? Her new jammies and check out her fu-fu slippers!

Yellow cuffed capris and sleeveless top, pink and green shorts set with pink slip on shoes. Cute huh!
Red school jumper with fashion flower pin, and brown t-strap shoes. Western outfit consists of pink and brown ruffled skirt, leather vest with fringe and of course the cute cowgirl boots!

Green and blue floral sun dress with matching headband.

And her she is back in her box ready to wrap, the pink bag I got at Corn Wagon, it really is meant for sewing notions but look how perfect is fits her shoes and accessories. Yes those are her socks and her pac-pac (backpack) as Karas calls it in the bottom compartment. And on the other side it holds all the clothes. This is one spoiled doll wouldn't you say, but the joy on Karas' face was worth every minute that I put into all of this. She loved it, I hope this is something she will cherish for a long, long time.
This pictures says it all. She's happy! I love you Karas.


Melody said...

A sweet little one that I know would love some new clothes for her doll. I may have to order that pattern. You have excellent taste in materials my friend.

deborah peake said...

That is so special. Karas's doll is better dressed than myself..She is one special granddaughter..

Shortcake and Company said...!!! It DID turn out great. She'll treasure that for years to come. What a special gift.