January 29, 2010

What Happens in Vegas, Comes Home From Vegas!

With Stuart persuing a new business adventure in the guns and ammo industry we traveled to Las Vegas to the once a year, world wide gun show.

Sight-seeing the strip for us does not include walking, we would rather use the gas if you know what our other business involves!
The kids had been to Dicks Resturant in the Excalibur back in December and have been laughing about it ever since. So we decided to check this place out for ourselves. They were right, FUNNY, just look at me! This is actually a stool I'm sitting on. A gal behind us came up to me and asked if I had a camera, she was laughing her head off. She volunteered to take this pic of us together.
Now for the gun show. This was held at the Sand's Convention Center. I had no idea you could get so much gun related stuff on 4 floors in one building! Very interesting though. Stuart was in the height of his glory. He was so content browsing the isles and isles of guns, to bad he couldn't bring some of them home with him.

Let's take a little break from all this walking! I'm pooped and Stuart isn't used to shopping for 6 solid hours! But you know, this is macho man stuff!
This is the one he was really eyeing, the new released Winchester Model 94 which has been out of production for 4 years as the company was accquired by Browning Arms of Utah. Now ask me how I knew all that?
Stuart has been wanting to find me a gun that is short enough to hold and shoot since I've taken up the sport of sporting clays when we go to St. George. Just call me his new challenging student! Success at last, he located a Remington 11-87 Super Mirco Sporting Autoloader. Guess what? It's a youth model, just right for my short arms!
Way too long on this one too. Darn it.

Recognize this guy? We were walking by this booth as they were filming Ted Nugent, couldn't understand what was going on but very interesting by the way the crowd was gathering.
This is Bob Munns one of the world's famous exhibition shooter and gunsmith. I knew this one, cause I've seen him on the Outdoor Channel every week when Stuart has it on. OK! enough with the gun stuff, onto bigger and better things like SEWing stuff!
The following day Stuart was kind enough to take me out to Henderson to a quilt shop I had heard so much about. It's called Quiltique. I'm so glad we made the trip. It's so nice that we enjoy each other's hobbies that we can participate in them together.

This Q quilt is hanging above one of their cutting tables, the work on this thing was unbelievable
The displays were just adorable, just up my alley. I could do alot with all the stuff they had for props.
This western quilt was really cute, so I couldn't leave the kit there. It came home with me.

Neat and tidy, the bolts all colored coordinated. The fat quarters are placed along the top of each shelf.
My oh my, check out this classroom. Is this the royal set up or what. Nice comfy chairs at every station, and new Bernina's for students to use. Only in Vegas where money flows like water!

My loot bag. Fun, fun, fun. Now I need time, time, and more time!
(Stuart told me not to crab about guns anymore!)
After quilting we ventured to Hoover Dam to see the new bridge over the Colorado. For those of you that don't know, you won't be able to drive across the dam anymore.

Their putting in this massive bridge to by-pass it. Holy cow! Look what I noticed as we were driving out. Can you spot something on top? I hope they are tied on! It's a mile down to the river from where their at. We had a good time taking in a couple of floor shows, eating good meals and doing some sight seeing at the Bass Pro Shop, the Man Mall. But why is it I can come out of there with clothing? It's always fun to get away.


Yvonne said...

Don't you love Las vegas? So much to do! I think we have to got back there again, especially to that need quiltique in Henderson!
And what a progess they made on that bridge by the Hoover Dam. We saw it at out last visit in 2004 when they just had started!
It must have been a joy for Sruart that you could companion him this time to a thing that has his interest.

Shortcake and Company said...

Look at you two! I think you were both like kids in candy shops. What a fun trip.

Alice said...

I have a Youth Model Remington 870.....I love mine.