January 31, 2010

Let's Get Organized, Organized . . .

I want to get organized. As I'm typing this post the song "I Want To Get Physical, Physical" by Olivia Newton John kept creeping into my mind. So now you can read this post while singing that song. This fun, simple but organized wall organizer is the project on the agenda for my Simply Sewing 101 ladies. We will be making this on February 10th @ 6:00 p.m. at my house. This would be great in just about any room. I have made this one to hang on the back of a playroom closet door, but imagine one in your sewing room or craft room. I think one would be awesome in a babies nursery or what about the kitchen pantry for all the paper goods laying around in drawers. Think outside the box on this one. If you were going to make one of these, what would you use yours for? Leave a comment, let's see just how many things we can come up with to use this for. You can hang this on the wall or on the outside or inside of a door. It hangs from a small curtain rod with decorative hooks.
Filled with lots of fun for the grankids already.
Email me if you are interested in joining in on the fun. ( I'll send you all the details and the supply list of everything you will need to make this fun project. Until then, happy sewing, Shannon.


Yvonne said...

Wow! You bring me to ideas! It is great for little toys as you show but I am thinking of making one for my closet. To put away all kinds of little things like scissors, tape, pencils, post-its and all the other stuff one has.
How nice that you put some comments on my blog now you are able to read it!

Anonymous said...
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