January 6, 2010

"SEW" much to share!

Wow, where does time go? Are you wondering the same thing right now? Here we are 6 days into the new year already and I'm so far behind. I hope that's not how it's going to be the rest of the year. I haven't even put away my Christmas decorations yet, instead I am sitting at the computer getting caught up on all my blogging posts if you can't tell. I hope I'm not boring you. I want to share a couple more sewing projects I did this year for gifts. The first one was a joint effort with my sister, Tamara. She found these fluffy, fluffy white throws at Target and she wanted me to embrioder a big intital on them. I thought it would get buried in all the fluff so I talked her into appliqueing a fun, fabric letter on it instead. Look how cute these turned out. I did two for her and then I did one for Jacob's girlfriend, Angie.
A is for Angie
Then for my girls plus Angie I made these fun little travel jewelry cases. There are pockets all the way around to put your rings, earring and necklaces in. Then when you pull it tight everything stays in place. This pattern is in the same book as the other necklace keeper that I made. I'll find the book and post about it later if you think you might be interested in making either one of these.

I had necklaces made for the girls as well. They have their kids picture on one side and the letter of their name on the other. Since Angie doesn't have any kids I had a glittered butterfly put on the backside of hers. These were tucked down inside of the keeper.

I have some new things I'm working on for the up coming new year, as soon as life gets back to normal I'll let you know all about them. And there is even some new adventures I'm taking on. So much is going on right now I hope I'm ready for the challenge. All I can say is bring it on 2010!
Happy Sewing, Shannon


Melody said...

What wonderful gifts you made. I may just have to look through all my books and see if I have patterns for jewelry keepers.

Shortcake and Company said...

I {adore} both of those projects. You're so thoughtful!

Meg said...

Oh my gosh Shannon I LOVE those projects!! I have been wanting to make one of those jewelry purses for years for my sister. I have one that I got probably 15 years ago, and my sister has always wanted one. Will you please show me how to make one, or two (I need a new one :)? And those blankets are too adorable. LOVE IT!! As always, you are so so cute and creative.

Yvonne said...

What a great projects you have been working on this time! I can imagine that your days are to short. I you still find time to sleep?

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