January 29, 2010

DeAnne & Shannon Wedding Rush!!

Two weeks ago today I went with my good friend DeAnne on her last minute wedding shopping runs. Wow what a day. Did we ever cover alot a ground. But we did manage to take a break for a great lunch at Island Rumbi Grill. DeAnne had asked me several months ago to help her out with some of the wedding plans. I love to do this kind of stuff so of course I couldn't tell her no way. This was probably the best purchase of the whole day, a 5 lb. bag of M & M's plus a bag of red and white ones to go with.
And we bought these,
and these.

And then when we got home that evening I used this to make these!
Your wondering what the heck, huh? You just wait my friends.

Check out the ring barer pillow, much cuter than the ones you find hanging around in the craft stores, huh.
Gee, while I was sewing the serving aprons I thought to myself how fun it would be to have this job. I thought I should make myself one and just slip in and see if Haley noticed anything out of place. jk But seriously these were the cutest aprons ever.

OK, so here's what our little objects were for, they were the candy dishes on the table the night of the wedding dinner, which was held the evening before the big day. Then we filled them with the M & M's and mixed nuts and then we found a cute little scoop at Bed, Bath and Beyond just right to fill a nut cup. So what do you think of our clever candy dish. Pretty snazzy I would say.

DeAnne, Haley, and I after we finsihed decorating for the dinner.
Host table decorations. They served us a very yummy dutch oven dinner, what a wonderful way to start out the festivities that would come the next day.

The happy couple, meet the new Mr. & Mrs. Broden Hughes. What a cute couple, just perfect for each other.
What a sweet, sweet picture. Of course the tears were flowing when I saw this happening. We have known Haley just about all her life, we have seen her grow up from a cute little dancer to this lovely young bride. Boy do I remember this moment with both my girl's, what a special moment in every Dad's life.
Haley wanted to display a little bit of her trouseau, and asked me if I would be willing to help out. She really had some fun things to work with. Wouldn't it be fun to start out with all this new stuff again. Thanks DeAnne and Haley for letting me in on some of your wedding plans, anything to help out a friend. Love ya.


Alice said...

Love the colors of her wedding!

Yvonne said...

What a great picture show from the preparation and the wedding. Especially for me since it is so different than the once we have back here in Holland, I love it.

Deanne said...

I had so much fun spending time with you working on the wedding preparations! We shouldn't wait for an excuse next time to get together! You are so talented and so good to me and my girls. Love ya!!!!! P.S. Fun Pictures!!!

Lisa said...

You are just sooo creative. I just love the candy dish idea!

Judy said...

Shannon, I want to be you one day! Loved all the cute things at the wedding -- my grandson loves to cook and his new favorite apron is the darling ones you made for the servers! Thanks for letting me "spy" on your life :)

Shortcake and Company said...

Yep, that wedding had your touch all over it. You are beyond creative and have such an eye for those things. It turned out beautifully!