January 5, 2010

Christmas at the White house!

Christmas Eve is always a special time for me, we had all the kids home this year. We started our evening off by going to the cemetary and lighting our lumineres on the graves of the loved ones that have gone before us. Boy, do we miss them this special time of year, but what a special feeling I get when I go to see them on Christmas Eve. Here's Hatch at Kiplyn's gravesite. He helped me set the luminere up.
Here we are at my parents grave. Hatch always called my mom Gramma Gramma. He loved to visit her.

Kira Rae and Karas Rae at Grandma Lela Rae and Grandpa Whites grave. There are two more granddaughters with the middle name Rae as well, Tiffany Rae and McKenna Rae. And Grandma Lela would be so proud of all of them.

Stuart and I at his parents gravesite. It was just starting to get dark when we left, when I went back at 9:00 that same evening, the tears began to flow as the cemetary was so peaceful and calm on such a silent night all lit up by all the lumineres.

And look who just happened to show up at the front door just as we were finishing our Eble Skeever dinner, the Jolly Old Man himself. The kids were so excited, all but Thayne. He wasn't quite sure about this strange man in the house!

Jacob is all smiles, does this mean he's been naughty or nice?

And opening our Christmas jammies is always fun.

The kids wanted us to open their gift that night since we were altogether. What a surprise, a book with all our pictures of events for the last year. Everything from birthdays, travels, humor, and family pictures. This is something that will be cherished for so many years. I have already looked at it over and over again.

Isn't this what Christmas is all about? You remember doing this same photo year after year don't you? These are the best presents ever. Hatch, Thayne, McKinley, and Karas
We hope your holidays were some you will always remember, and that you may have many more of them.

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Shortcake and Company said...

It sure was fun to run into you guys at the cemetery. It looks like you all had a fabulous holiday.