January 20, 2011

Adding Another!

Teegan is here, and this little guy makes me smile. I recieved this little package in the mail from Lucy Ann. I was expecting it but not this quick. Have you heard of this fun jewelry line called the Lucy Ann collection ? It's not a new line of jewelry that just came out. She's been around since the 90's. This company probably was the first to do stamping on silver. My kids, bless thier hearts gave me a necklace back in 1999 for Christmas. They had a retail store in The University Mall back then and you could order your charms there. Now you can only get them online. I loved it then and I still do. It's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. This is what was in my cute Lucy Ann box.
It's Teegan! Isn't he cute just like the rest of them.

And this is my special piece of jewelry. The long dog tags are my 3 kids and the round ones are my grandkids. The more I add the heavier it's getting. But don't ya just love it. I get so many compliments when I wear it. There have been changes to the charms over the years, but that's not stopping me. I wonder how many more will join the family chain?
Check our to see their whole collection.


Yvonne said...

What a great idea this is! And what a lovely gift! It really is getting full with 5 grandkids already!

Kaitlyn said...

I have decided i might have to start my own. I love it... UMMM if i get some birthday money maybe this is what i will get