January 24, 2011

Double Clutch It!

Good morning my blogging peeps. I'm back to the land of the cold, and sewing! Today is a double clutch day. That means I have to get alot of thing done today especially two quilts. Can it be done? You betcha it can! First I have to sew all these blocks together to make the 2nd of my Blissfull Day quilts out of the Quilt magazine. Then it's time to move onto this cute quilt from Camille Roskelley called Sugar Rush.
It's a good thing it's all cut out or I probably couldn't get both of them finished by tomorrow for Ramona to be able to quilt. Then they both have to be bound by Wednesday. I think one will be callling my machine for help! I bet you are wondering why such a hurry to complete them. It's Winterfest at Daniels Summit in Heber canyon and the shop has a vendor boothe there. It will be a snow day for sure (oops I mean a sew day)! What are all of you doing this fine Monday morning? Oh, and I just about forgot to wish my youngest daughter, Kaitlyn a very happy birthday. Wait til you see what we got her! Adorable!


Rennie said...

Hai Shannon you were really in a hurry this Monday morning. I was in a hurry too because I promissed myself to finisch my scarf of Cashmere wool and silk. The fabrics were a gift from a friend last Friday. I already sent here a picture (look at my site).

Yvonne said...

I was working this monday although I rather had been quilting but you know....duty called!
Hope you got the quilts done!
Please wish Kaitlyn a happy birthday from us!
And how was the Donny & Marie Show?

Martha said...

Love the aqua and red. Can't wait to see the bliss quilt. Have fun at the festival; keep warm.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Hi Shannon. I can never comment back to you I guess because your email isn't attached to your comments. Fix it girl! Love reading up on your life and everything you are doing. Hope to meet up with you sometime soon.