January 11, 2011

Bein' Lazy!

Hi Everyone,
I promise I will get off my lazy butt and put something new on my blog. I have alot to share with you, even new projects I've been working on. Just stay with me, ok.


Yvonne said...

It is about time! We miss your stories at your blog! LOL

Steven and Ginger said...

Ever since I saw your post about the petunia bags you sewed with your girls, I've been wanting to make one. Got the pattern and fabric ordered. Just wondering if there were any tips or tricks to share about sewing it up. Or if everything just sewed up nice. Ginger

Rennie said...

Of course I stay with you because you are our American Quilt Friend (our so called AQF). But don't forget we are looking forward to read your news.

daurenet said...

Yes, we re waiting for you to update, but I can hardly talk. But it's you who we miss. Really need to make time to ocme and visit you.