January 17, 2011

Great Minds Think Alike!

For many years we have been exchanging gifts with some funtastic friends. But never in the 23 or more years has this happened. Our friend brought us a nice package of crackers, a cheeseball and a very cute plate to put it on. I just about bust a gut when we opened it because..... that is exactly the same thing we gave them and our other friends. The only differecne is the cheeseball is a block of cream cheese and you pour the Crannpeno jelly over it and serve it with crackers. When I called to thank her she was just a laughing as were I. She said, "We must of got the plates at the same place" and I replied "Yah, at Ross a couple months ago". Don't you just love that store for stuff like this? Then she said as she was laughing, "My didn't come with pedastals though. Then I had to tell her that I had added it with my trusty tube of E6000! "Well aren't you smart," she said. We had a good conversastion about the other couples that we had just delivered gifts to. I'm sure they got a real laugh out of it to. So I hope our friends our enjoying their high and low plates. All the more fun when entertaining.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

THAT is funny!

What a nice gift for friends around the holidays too! Instant party!


Yvonne said...

I guess after 23 years you know eachother so good this can happen. So funny!