January 20, 2011

Give Me Some Sugar!

Now on sale at your local quilt shop or magazine rack at the grocery store. This issue of Quilt has some really run projects to do. I have already made one quilt out of it and I have just about finished the second. So here it is my first quilt of the new year. The cover quilt was designed by Bonnie Oveson of Cotton Way. She is the mother of the mother/daughter team Bonnie and Camille, designers for Moda. She has used her Bliss fabric line for her quilt, which is called Blissful Day. This is a quilt you can get done in a day, Sunday counts doesn't it?
Now this is where the sugar comes in. I chose to make mine out of Sugar Pop by Liz Scott for Moda. It so reminds me of the 70's. Maybe the Brady Bunch years. Remember that era?
I bound this quilt by machine which is so different for me. It wasn't really that bad to do either. I don't know though there's just something about hand binding I like better. Maybe it's the warmth and the comfiness of the quilt on my lap.
The walking foot is really helpful when you are binding by machine.
Not to shabby for my first attempt. Look at that lovely corner, just perfect!
After all the ric rac is added and it's all bound you stick it in the washer and dryer to get the raw edge on the circle.

Finished quilt, ready to go. Go where, I wonder!
This quilt was so fun I'm making another. So now I showing you a little Love Blossom from Amy Butler. Can't wait to show you the finished one.
You can find a kit for this quilt at the Corn Wagon. Stop in and see it for yourself.


Anonymous said...

I hope these two quilts are going to a good home (maybe my home)!

Jan Marie said...

That does look like a fun quilt. I have such a hard time getting binding done I just may try the machine binding.

I like your new blog look.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Oh yes, I'm loving that jumbo ric rac!

I've been using Sharon Schamber's method of binding using starch and glue and I've been able to get perfect bindings every time. She has a set of videos online showing exactly how to do it. I like it mostly because I don't have to use any pins so I don't stab myself and get spots of blood all over my quilts anymore! Have you tried it?

I'll have to be on the lookout for that magazine!


Yvonne said...

Those are so cute! Shannon, love the colors that you used! It makes me long to springtime and sunshine! This is one I would love to make some day!