January 17, 2011

New Bags or are they "OLD BAGS!"

For those that may have missed it. The Madalin Bag from Kati Cupcake was the very last bag I made in the year 2010. This bag is the January bag ladies class. The class is on the 27th if you want to come join us. It is a very large bag so it would work out nicely for a travel bag, computer bag or a great diaper bag. Contact me or the shop if you are interested. The ruffled pocket on the front just adds more cuteness, don't you agree?
Lots of space inside for all that important stuff a girl's gotta have!
And the first bag of the new year is the Pockets of Plenty tote. This pattern is done by Whistle Pig Designs. I made it from the newest line from French General. It has a bit of a vintage feel to me. I accented the pocket with an old doily I have had stored in the sewing room for years. Something left from making dolls, so glad I keep so much junk! Then I added vintage buttons across the top band.

I would change just a few things on this bag. The inside pockets could come up a little. And I would probably leave the drawstring closure out and put a snap. It take to long to get inside the bag when you have to undo the ties. It makes it cute but not functionable for me. Just my preferecne.
This is going to be the bag for March. Keep it in mind and I will repost closer to the class if you seem to have forgotten by then. Oh, it's great to be back to sewing and enjoying the more simple life after such a busy holiday season.


Yvonne said...

They are both so cute Shannon! Love the fabric of the 2nd bag! It may have been stored away for years but it is stll great fabric for a bag! The first bag is lovely too in black and white! Have fun teaching! said...

I WANT THAT BAG!!! know which one. ;o)