January 17, 2011

Dinner + Friends = GOODTIMES!

We like to get together with good friends and meet up for dinner through the holidays. This one was no different, just different places to eat! We had supper one evening with Ellen & Don and Karen & John. These two ladies have been a part of my life since I worked at Heritage. I am so glad we still get to see each other during the boutiques and through the year for lunches. We all met at Texas Roadhouse in Orem. You can't have a bad meal there I'm telling ya, but there is alot of noise going on. Ellen, Don & Karen.
Karen and John there at the end of the table. We exchanged some fun gifts that night.
Our second dinner was with Bonnie & Doc. Their favorite place in PF Changs. Now that's a yummy supper too! No wonder my pants were feeling a little tight at the end of the month! LOT'S of good food = tight pants.
Doc & Bonnie are great people. We have enjoyed their friendship for lots of years now. They are just like family and we hope we have many years to celebrate Christmas with them. As all of our other friends.

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Yvonne said...

Where would we be without all the great friendships we have in a lifetime. Isn't it great to have them around? It just gives life that special glow! Looks like you all had a good time!