January 16, 2011

A Christmas Tradition!

Our Christmas Eve together each year includes having the kids for a supper of Eble Skievers. These are done in a cast iron pan made up deep little holes. They are a danish pancake of sorts. You roll them in powdered sugar and serve them with jam and applesauce. Of course we have to through in some sausage and bacon too. Someone's in the kitchen with Granpa and Grandma. It's Karas, and oh does she love eble skeivers!

Here's what the little pancakes look like. You just can't stop at one!
Look at these cute kids showing of their new pj's. It wouldn't be Christmas if the kids didn't have new jammies to keep them all warm and snuggly while waiting for the man in the red suit to make his drop. Waiting patiently to open their Christmas Eve package. Hatch is never this serious! I wonder what's up.
Teegan's first Christmas jammies.
We let the marrieds open their gift so they could use it to capture the moments of the next morning. We surprised them with a camcorders. I think the girls were a little surprised!
The look on Kira's face says it all.
Kaitlyn and Mike showing off their gift. They even came with a tri-pod and carrying case.
Then some surprise gifts from Mr. Santa. He gave all the girl's new jammies with matching slippers. What a guy that Santa!
And of course Mrs. Claus couldn't forget the Mr.
Stuart and his new jammies.
And pj's for Jacob! Santa sent Angies jammies through the mail. She phoned us later that night and thanked Santa for thinking of her too.
Something new this year and for many years to come I hope. Mrs. Claus hung little stockings on the banister for everyone. They were filled with a small gift.

We always share a Christmas story with the family and this year's was a very special one. Stuart read a personal journal that his mother had told to his Aunt Mary. She had hand written it for her. It would only come in his poccession the day before. Stuart spent that afternoon typing it up for everyone in his extended family. Stuart's mother passed away several years ago of MS so what a nice thing to pass on to her grandkids and great grandkids. We will cherish it always.
A very happy Grandma and Grandpa. The White house family is growing by leaps and bounds.

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Yvonne said...

What a great way to celebrate with the grandkids! Baby Teegan is so cute! Ans so sweet how Mckinley holds him in her arms!