January 20, 2011

A Special Visit!

Karas' school class was to put on their little Christmas program the day before they would be out for the holidays.  It turned out to be a snow day and they had to cancel the program.  Oh shucks, we were all abit disappointed, especially Kira and John. This would be Karas' very first school program. But after the kids got back in school the teachers decided to go on with the show.  Just a week late but worth the wait.  Karas' special needs Kindergarten had a special visit from the man in the red suit.  Those kids were delighted so see him, well some!  Santa had a special gift in his bag for all the kids.

 Karas is so happy with her gift.  It's her favorite thing in the whole wide world, a coloring book and crayons.  So cute. Just look at the smile on her face. 
Dad, John even made it in time for the program.  Karas has come along way and is doing well in her all day Kindergarten class. We are so blessed to have such a special spirit and cutie in our lives.  We sure do have a whole new out look for children with special needs and all of their caretakers.  It takes a special person for this kind of job.  We love this little girl to pieces.

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Yvonne said...

So glad that Karas found her place at her Kindergarten class and ik doing so well. Since that kind of work is my original profession my heart goes out for children like Karas! You can tell she is a happy little girl!