January 16, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas morning was wonderful here at the White house. This would be Jacob's last year at home so I guess you could say Santa spoiled him just a little bit. My kids have always gone for their stockings first, it's something they like the best. This year was no excetion. The same old things year after year, but that's the fun of it, right?
Jacob and his new gun. This is great for the coyote's I understand. Jacob also got things for his Wii, clothes, DVD's.

Santa was good to both Stuart and I.
Stuart's gift this year was a very nice sweater and scarf, a new fragrance called Cashmere Mist from Donna Karen. It smells so nice. I just have to get used to it after wearing Spellbound for so many years. There's always room for something new.
After opening our gifts here at the house we loaded up the packages and we off to the kids houses.
McKinley was so excited about it all. She was one little crazy girl with all of the fun things she got.
Grandpa and baby Teegan. Just one week old on Christmas. Our special gift this Christmas.
Hatch and his new BB gun. Wow, it even has a scope. This is one lucky kid.
Karas and her Cinderella tent. Another perfect gift for such a princess.
Uncle Jacob playing with Thanye and Hatch in his Tonka get away.
The last few years we have had Christmas breakfast at Kira and Johns. John sure does know how to make a mean breakfast. Maybe it's all about the cute apron! It was a relaxing day after all the visiting was done. We had supper here Christmas night and the kids came to play and hangout. And then it would be Christmas all over again when Angie got here on Sunday! Oh what fun.
These two are hooked on seasoned croutons, so we gave them a case with wishes of a marriage "Seasoned" with love! They got quite a hoot out of their joint gift.
We gave Angie a quilt of her very own. I'm sad to say this was the only sewn gift for Chirstmas this year. What the heck happened there? I hope more handmade things end up under the tree next year though. Apparently I spent all my sewing time on projects for the baby.
Hope all of you had the same wonderful Christmas as the one here at the White house.

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Yvonne said...

You really know how to celebrate Christmas in your country! Funny how it is so different in many countries! Love to watch all the pictures of it! You can tell you all had a great time. And you made a lovely quilt for Angie!