March 10, 2011

Flower Power!

Monday morning I had the opportunity to go show the Jr. High sewing students in Payson how to make fabric flowers. I set up a small display of all the many things you can do with this easy, peasy flower. It seemed they all liked the flip flops the best. Let's hope after today's beautiful weather it will soon be time to break out those sandals!The first period class and their flowers. It's so rewarding to me to see the look on the faces of these young students learning something so fun and basic. I hope there was alot of flower making going on for homework that night! And I'm sure they were all wearing them the next day to school. Oh, they were proud, and they should be.
This is the second class busy at work on their flowers.

Show me those flowers, girl's!
This is Mrs. Thomas the Home Ec teacher that asked me to come.
Janean is a Spanish Fork gal and she just happens to be one of my faithful bag ladies. It was a fun morning, thanks for giving me a chance to get back in school doing what I love, sewing and teaching.
Let me know if you want a lesson on flowers.
OMG, this is post 499. Watch for #500, coming real soon and I mean real soon!


Yvonne said...

Let's hope you get these girls inspired of creating things. I know you are good at that! What a fun classroom that is with these quilts hanging on the wall.

Martha said...

I taught home ec for 7 years and loved it. That is such a fun age to teach. I would love to learn how to make your flowers, too. I am sure the girls loved it. It was so nice of you to volunteer your time.

Cathy Tomm said...

wow you had fun. It makes me want to show some sewing at the kids school. What kind of flower did you make? Can you show a close up photo of one?