March 17, 2011

A Teriffic Tuesday!

Another busy day but one filled with beautiful things from the Amish people. Our first stop of the day Lapps Quilts and Crafts. Most of the quilt shops in the Lancaster County are located right in their homes. This quilt is all hand quilted, as are all of their quilts. The stitches are perfect and precise. One lady will quilt the whole thing by herself. This one is a favorite of all the quilts I've seen on this trip.
Quilt shop #3.
Handmade gifts fill the whole shop.
Quilts and quilts, oh my.
We visited the Amish Farm and took a bus tour. I learned some amazing facts about the culture of the people. We made several stops along the way. First the home at the farm. This is what a typical bedroom would look like.
One of the machines used, most Amish women now sew on newer machines.
Yvonne even got a lesson on milking cows!!
Soaking up some sunshine! Still chilly though.
Laundry day, everything is still hung on clothes lines. Their poles are so high in the air they use a wheely to get their clothes to the top. They do have ringer washers but no dryers. I'm spoiled!

School kids out for recess. One teacher, one room school house. Grades K-8 all meet together.
Along our bus trip I asked if we would be visiting a bakery. No but, our driver took us off the beaten path just so we could visit one. The bakery in Bird in Hand was heavenly. So many things to choose from.
This is what I chose, a freshly baked, still warm Pecan Sticky Bun. I can't believe I ate the whole thing. Oh wait, yes I can! It was devine.
Scooters all in a row. This is the kids transportation to and from from school. You see them everywhere. Even the men ride them to work and back.
We visited a miniture pony farm and milk barn.
Just my size!
Linda & Henry's buggy's.
The mother, Linda had just made homemade rootbeer and potatoe chips. She makes the same thing every other day for the gift shop located at their home. A snack for later.
The day is still full of adventure. We visited the outlets shops, a first for many of the girls.
And more quilt shops before supper. Hannah's Quilt Shop and gifts.
This shop had lots of embroidery block quilts. As the shop keeper was flipping the quilts on the bed I couldn't help but think of my mom. This is the kind of quilt blocks she did. In fact I know my mother has done this block before. The work again, beautiful.
Applique and lace make up this quilt. All done from one fabric.
On the way out of Hannah's I spotted this note next to the back door. We had just learned on our tour that some of the Amish have phones for emgerecnies or business but they are located outside in a phone shed. This expains the phone ringing at Lapps earlier this morning.
Somewhere along the way I've lost count. Where's quilt shop #5? Anyway we made our way to PA, Fabric Outlet, recommended by one of the shop owners.
This store had everything a sewer would or could want. There were rows and rows of boxed buttons. Every shape, color and size. Trims and more trims. Ribbons, lace and lots of fabric.
Oh no, look what Shannon did! Yes, I dropped this whole box of buttons. They went every where. I thought Rennie was going to pee her pants she was laughing so hard. She was a life saver and helped me pick them all up.
I thought these ladies had died and gone to heaven. They were enjoying every minute of their shopping experience. I am so glad that I was on their journey into the American sewing world. How are they going to get it home and we haven't even been to the AQS Quilt show yet!Our tummies by then were getting hungry. We found a Texas Roadhouse and dined there. We introduced this eating establishment to Yvonne and Alex last year and they were hooked. I think we have the others hooked too. Everyone found something on the menu to please the tummy. Oh the decisions! They even got a sneak peek of lining dancing.
I thought for sure the ladies would be ready for bed after such a long day but they wanted to have a lesson on sewing the flower I had included in their welcome gifts. Finally I would be joining them for one of their "Bee" meetings. What an honor for me to be amongest such talented ladies. We stitched together the rest of the evening.
Pretty, pretty posies adorn their outfits.
It's time to say goodnight ladies. It's been an other awesome day. We have another big day tomorrow though, get some rest. We're off to the quilt show and more shopping!!

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