March 16, 2011

Meet up Monday!

It's was another good morning (Monday) here in PA. After my quick run to get some breakfast, the maid had already been here with another rose. Oh, that man of mine. I think he knew before hand how nervous I was getting and this was a way of helping me ease my stress after flying and meeting 5 ladies from the Netherlands! This was kind of an assurance that he was with me . Thanks to him for making the whole trip possible, what a great birthday present. My makeshift vase, isn't she lovely. Brought to you all the way from Detroit. I just can't let anything so beautiful go to waste. (The roses, silly you!)

The time had finally come to see Yvonne and my new friends. The receptionist from the from desk rang my room to inform me that my entrage' and paparattzi had arrived and were waiting for me in the lobby. I laughed. What an awesome experience though. So meet my freinds from Holland. Front: Yvonne 2, Myself and Yvonne 1. Kneeling in front: Cisca. Back: Seinke, Hilde, and Rennie. (She's the bling-bling of the group!) One big group of happy, happy ladies, Quilting ladies that is!
Before I left, the girl's had requested some patterns. Rennie is going to be making the Petunia bag and Yvonne 1 is making the MiPad case. And I made them a welcome gift, something from the "BAG" lady. Snap Happy bags filled with lotion, bacterial gel, a Utah truffle bar and a friendship bracelet.
Here's is everyone with their bags.
And one would of thought it was my birthday, and we were having a party, but wait, we are having a party, all week long!! These ladies spoiled me rotten with welcome gifts. What sweet things I received.
Look at the amazing handwork on the pincushion Yvonne 1 made for me. I have never in my life seem aida cloth this small. Her work is beautiful. Friends forever, me and Yvonne.
Rennie and her gift.
Yvonne, Seinke, Cisca and me.

I couldn't wait to get back to my room to take pictures of their gifts. Tins of cookies from Hilde, a pillow wreath from Yvonne 2, pincushion, chocolates, Hoppes candy and a quilt magazine from Yvonne. Some very nice hot pads from Rennie and a pair of scissors and case from Seinke. A hankie from Cisca. Everything color coordinated with the Dutch blues and reds. Now to get it all home!
Our first stop of the day was Kettle Kitchen Village in Intercourse. This little village reminds me of Gardners Village in Salt Lake.

Our first American lunch together.The fun beigns now. We started at the Village Quilt shop. The most amazing quilts and they don't allow you to take pictures in this shop so just believe me, they were awesome Amish quilts. So this is quiltshop #1.

We took a buggy ride with Ben and his horse team, Martha & Maryl.

It was a very chilly day but he assured us we would be warm with his Amish heaters, blankets. He took us through the farming land and told a little history about the Amish. We went through one of the many covered bridges in the area.
Here we are with Ben and his team of horses.

I'm off to Hollywood baby!! Rennie's coat is amazing isn't it? She bought it in France, all hand sewn. We just thought the hat was a perfect match. Hilde bought it, she spotted it first!
Our #2 quiltshop.
The ladies were having a wonderful time. They just couldn't believe we have all these beautiful things just at our fintertips.
For dinner that evening we met at the Fireside Tavern which is located here where we are staying. The food is the best. And the atmosphere is warm and inviting.
Then it was off to Target or Target' to get water for the week. A first time experience for most. Look at those faces. You can see them saying, "Enough pictures, let's shop!"
I introduced them to Cadbury Eggs. They all agreed they sould be banned from the shelves, that's how yummy they are. Do we need to get another bag, ladies?
Wow, what a great day. It was awesome getting to know them one on one and finding out bits and pieces about each of them. More adventures tomorrow, laughing included.


martine said...

I am so sad I had to stay home and missed the chance to meet you .
But I love the pictures and I can see you have a lot of fun together.
Tell the girls hat I love Cadbury eggs.
Maybe there is place in their suitcases.

Yvonne said...

We just have been reading your blog with all the girls together. Lauging a lot about the adventures we had the last days, the beautiful pictures an memories and a bit sad about having to say goodbye to you today.