March 12, 2011

It's all about "BAGS"!

Ok, so here it is the big 500! I hope you have been watching for this post to help celebrate this blogging milestone with me. When I started this blog 3 years ago, I never dreamed it would take me this far. I have met new freinds around the globe just from word called, blogging! Thanks to all of you for giving me the encouragement to keep going. This has become my daily journal. Hopefully I am leaving something worthwhile for my kids to remember me by. This could be my history of sort. Sure material things are worth having but the stories and pictures will always be here. So enough of the mushy stuff, let's move onto some fun. As you all know I am a "bag"-aholic or bag lady known to some. It doesn't matter if it's store bought or homemade I like them all. So what would a trip be without adding to the collection. Right! When we were in St. George Stuart spotted this great duffle bag that folds into it's pocket for easy traveling. I do believe this should hold a few souviners from PA. I will be able to check it in as a second bag or use it as one of my carry on's. What a great idea.

And the next picture is of a pattern that was given to me at market last year. (Thank you Jackie Clark) It has taken me that long to make it but I knew I wanted a shopping bag while I was at the quilt show and market. The AQS that is.

So this is my rendition of the "JUNK" bag. Love it!This is probably one of my all time favorite's from Moda. It was French Generals very first line. The hankie belonged to my mom. I will think of her when using this bag. She loved shopping and bags. Like me, she always had something new for the season. I guess you could say she taught me well. This is the detail of the hankie, isn't it beautiful?
Embellished with a little bling and vintage buttons on the outside.

I used a charm pack for the back and some of the extra's for the word junk that is machine appliqued on. Although I won't be placing junk in this bag! Now Stuart, he would probably differ with me on this one. Uhh, dear?
The pockets inside also have a hankie attached. This was one belonging to Grandma Verl, she always had style.

With some of the leftovers I made a little pouch for little accessories, like my camera and some money!
So there's two more to add to this pile. So here's the fun. Just how many bags are in this pile, not counting the two I just shared with you. Want in? All you have to do is leave me a comment while I'm gone telling me the number of bags and why you like bags too. How easy is that? I'll leave this little contest open for a week. I'll reveal the winner next Sunday night. The prize, I think something from PA would be awesome don't you. So take a guess.
And by the way if you are interested in any of these bags they can be found at the Wandering Wardrobe in Springville. Good luck and thanks for following.


daurenet said...

Wow am I the first to post? Lucky me. Well my guess for the bags is ........17. And I love bags so that I can carry all my stuff, new projects, ( and each project should have a new bag of it's own). And I love bags to match my put fits:). Have so much fun on this trip of yours:)
Love ya :)

Kristin Wilson said...

Hi Shannon,
I'm still loving your "Junk" bag. . . the hankies are such sweet reminders and add a real touch of "class". I think there are 17 bags too, but I'd better say 18 because there is probably one tucked in a corner. Have a wonderful trip!! See you when you get back.

Sboyack said...

I love bags and love to trade out bags. I got this love from my Grandma who loved shoes and bags. I am thinking you probably have 16 bags in the bunch. Have a great trip.

wisteriagirl said...

Love the red bags with the zebra trim you are carrying! Anyway..It looks like there are 15 bags, but I'm probably wrong. Have a wonderful time!

Harwood Happenings said...

I guess I will say 14 since everything else is taken. Have a fun trip

Chris, Jewelia, Maddy, Boone, Brady, & Ben said...

I guess 19, just because I think your sneaky and stuck an extra in. Thanks for all the fun. I love checking your blog!

Steven and Ginger said...

My guess is 16. My cute ones also. I love all the bags you show. I made the petunia bag from seeing your posts. Adorable!!

Martha said...

All of these bags are so cute! I will guess 20. Hope you are having a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see your pictures.

Yvonne said...

You know why I like your bags! Never seen any done so pretty as yours! I think their are 21 bags in the pile.

Meg said...

I say 17 bags. I love to organize with fun bags!!