March 20, 2011

Wednesday was Wonderful!

The day everyone has been waiting for. It's day one of the AQS Quilt Show, held in the Marriott Convention Center in dowtown Lancaster. The scenery was just beautiful, it had been raining during the night it made for a pretty trip into the city. There was lots of laughter in the van that morning. All of the ladies were so excited to get to our destination.

We're here! Let the fun begin. We seperated and met back for lunch. They each had a buddy to go browsing with. International quilt market is laid out just like this show. I knew what to expect but I don't think the others knew what they were in for.
We saw lots and lots of beautiful quilts.
And of course the bags caught my eye too.

I ran into Seinke and Yvonne. They seem to be enjoying themselves, alot.This is the best of show quilt, amazing. I wonder how long it took the quilter to make.
Every little peice appliqued by hand.
A few more to look at.
Every where you looked, most of the quilts had appliqued work.
The machine quilting on this one is unbelievable.
More applique! Beautiful colors.
Time for lunch, show and tell and a diet coke!
One booth that really caught my eye was Quilt Plus. Connie makes the most amazing handbags. She has some really fun patterns out and all the leather straps, hardware for any bag. I came away with some patterns and hardware. Can't wait to get started on this bag made
from Diawabo's. She had some nice prints, too.The girl's surprised Yvonne with a nice thank you. She did an amazing job of putting this trip together for them. She had looked at this Christmas stitchery set but thought it was out of her price range. Rennie remembered to go back and get it as a gift from them.
Lot's of sharing going on.Regrouping and acting silly.
Downtown Lancaster.
On our way to the Textile Museum.
The hosts there were sponsoring a old fashioned quilting bee for anyone wishing to sit down and put a few stitches in.
Right now the museum is housing the Espirit Collection. A collection of quilts fashioned from some of the clothing from the early 80's by Espirit.

On our way back to Strasburg, Yvonne accidently made a wrong turn. We ended up in the parking lot of a shopping center that housed a JoAnn's. She promised the girls they would visit one while they were here. So into JoAnn's we go. Again they were amazed at the variety of things to buy. Now they can say they have been in a JoAnn's.
We finished the days advents with supper at The Olive Garden. After our tummies were full we were headed back for some much needed sleep.
Sleep tight ladies, let's go back to get the items you forgot today!


Nedra said...

It looks like you ladies are having the BEST time! I've been to Lancaster only once, and would love to go again.

wisteriagirl said...

What fun!! Wish I could have been with you ladies.

Yvonne said...

Home alone today after returning yesterday from the States. is quiet here! No chattering and giggling.....Love to relive our trip through your pictures again!