March 28, 2011

A Winning Weekend!

We won, we won, we really won! As I was putting my tickets into the sponsor bucket raffle I told Stuart it was going to be our lucky night. And sure enough , it happened! Saturday night we attended the Sportsman and Fish Wildlife banquet and auction. V-Bar Guns and Ammo, as in the past has donated a couple of guns for their raffle. For this, they seat us and give us an envelope with different tickets for all the raffles going on. All of my sponsor tickets went into that bucket because I didn't need a new gun. Stuart did the same.

And the winner is.....................V-Bar Guns and Ammo! OMG, I screamed and just about fell off my chair. We looked at each other in awe. We had just won a four wheeler, we laughed about the preminition I had had earlier. It was meant to be wasn't it? We are still floating on cloud nine and can't believe it. This will be so much fun to use while we are out camping with the kids. They even outfitted us with bags and bags to go with and two shiny new helmets. Were picking her up today. It's going to be a great anniversary week already, I can tell.


Sboyack said...

How fun, good for you and Stuart you will get some use out of that. Your trip sounded fun also.

Yvonne said...

Yippie! Congratulations! That will be so much fun to ride! And do I see 'my' bed there just behind you? Was all that stuff to win?

Jan Marie said...

Way to go. That does look fun.

daurenet said...

You are a lucky girl :) Oh what fun!