March 7, 2011

Treasure hunting!

On our last trip to St. George we visited a anitque shop in Hurricane. Unfortunately I didn't even get the name. We spotted it coming home from Zion's Park. Something on the sidewalk caught my attention so we turned around and went back to check things out. This shop had a wide varitey of items to choose from. I have a few pair of vintage earrings already in my possession that belonged to my mom and some that were Stuart's Grandma White so I have been on the look out for some more. Eventually I want to make cute bracelets out of them. I found three great pairs for a very nice price, they were all under 5.00. I am now on the hunt for locating more. So charming, aren't they? And Stuart spotted this quilt rack towards the back of the store. It goes very well with a chair that belonged to Grandma White so I knew right then I needed it too! It was a perfect match.
This is the chair. So sweet isn't it. We are so lucky to have items such as this in our home. The antique sewing machine in this grouping belonged to my Grandma Thomas. This is just a little way to display my love for sewing in my living room.
I am very fortunate to have this quilt hanging from my new rack. This also belonged to Grandma White. It's a 30's pinwheel made with scraps of different fabrics. This quilt has never been quilted. What to do, do I quilt it by hand or have it machine quilted? What would you do if this were your quilt?
I even have the backing fabric. It's a very thin piece but I think it's workable. Now I just need to get it finished. For another post I will show more of the quilts we inherited from Grandma. They are priceless and I love them.
Oh, I just about forgot. If you are keeping track of me this is post 496!


Jan Marie said...

Great finds.

Yvonne said...

So cute those earrings, not to speek of that awsome antique quilt rack. What a catch! I really should quilt those quilts by hand if I where you. So special that you have them to give to the next generation.

daurenet said...

Oh they need to be quilted by hand. You know had they finished them it would have been by hand :) carry on the tradition :)

LiahonaGirl said...

Great treasure hunting. But I immediately noticed the Nettie's Gnome sitting atop some quilts. I have several of Nettie's Gnomes and need to put one with some quilts as well. Looking forward to post #500!