March 21, 2011

It's already Thursday!

It's time to hit the road again to the quilt show. Yvonne's ready to go with her new JoAnn's bag and pie! Just in case anyone gets hungry, you know!!! My first stop of the day was the Wilson's booth from Maryland. Right off the bat I recognized the quilt hanging before me. It was my friend Terry's, from Thankfully Sew right here in Provo. They had the patterns there and were offering it as a class in their shop. I was so excited to share the news with the others. We have great talent here in Utah and it's neat to see it in so many out of state shops and shows. I can't wait to see Terry.
This was another quilt in that same booth. The reds and browns were beautiful. I went ahead and bought the book and ruler that makes it. When will I get this one started? This would make a fun class.
Break time, is that the pie coming out?
We all met back in the lobby to discuss afternoon plans. Everyone decided more quilt shops and the Kettle Kitchen Village. One last picture at the show.
Thanks to our awesome taxi driver, Yvonne, we made it to every destination without any problems. No GPS for this lady, she does everything from printed off maps.
Our first stop along the way to the village, Sylvia's. It was a sunshiny day and she had quilts hanging outside. What a great day for an outdoor quilt show. This is #7 of the trip.
Quilts hanging from the front porch.
And the clothesline.
More fabric in the garage. This is something they do while the show is in town. Everything is cut into 1/2 yard pieces. What a great idea and the prices were nice too.
Eating again! We stopped for a late lunch at a family resturant in Bird in Hand. What a treat to sit at the old fashioned lunch counter.
At the village and ready to go.
Our first stop, Zooks Quilting and Sewing.
Are we on #8?
This little shop stocked all of the Amish goods.
They carry everything from their hats, aprons, coats, etc. They have a fabric section with the Amish people in mind. The Amish wear plain solid colors. You never see anything sewn with a print. Everything is hand made.
We made it across the street to the Old Country Store. This is shop #9 of the trip. How many more can we get in a day?
While looking a books I recognized this one. A Piece of Pie from Pie Plate patterns. Another Utah company and great friends of mine. In fact I'm teaching at their retreat in a couple of weeks so I'll share this news with them.
Show and tell time and waiting for the rest to catch up.
Nancy's would be the last shop of the day and trip. We managed to hit 10 shops plus all the vendors at the show. Now that's alot of quilt shopping in four days.
The girl's had been wanting a taste of American ice cream all week. By the time we made it back to the village the ice cream shop was closed. We had passed a creamry in Strasburg on our way to the show each day so we headed there. They were just getting ready to close but offered us to come in and enjoy some of their homemade ice cream. At last!
Yvonne 1 & 2
Cisca and Seinke
Rennie and Hilde.
We all enjoyed our ice cream but we all agreed we were to full to have an early supper. We had a couple of hours to rest or as for me I had several souviners that needed a place to ride home so I did some repacking and then I put a little thank you together for all the gals. This fabric line came in the shop the day before I left and I thought it was perfect. A reminder of their trip to the US. It's the line Quilts of Valor. I rolled up the fabric and tied it with ribbon and ric rac then tied a scissor charm to it. Before we met for dinner I had taken them over to the resturant and put them on the table as favors. They were all so surprised.
We were just in time for the St. Patty's day party going on. Looks like Hilde brought her own date to the party!
Our final day was coming to an end. We said some early goodbyes and shared a few tears as we talked about the weeks events. This trip has been one of many new experiences, seeing new places, meeting new friends,(from the Netherlands), learning different culture styles. This trip will be placed in my memory for a very long time. I am so fortunate to have a friend like Yvonne clear across the globe. And now she has introduced me to five wonderful ladies that I call friends now. And to think it all came about from blogging. Isn't it wonderful?
Our last dinner together.
Tomorrow will come to fast. I will say goodbye to these fine ladies.


Yvonne said...

I am getting PA-sick there a cure for that?

Rennie said...

Oh my dear Shannon. While reading your blog I got tears in my eyes and it makes my flesh creep. All that nice pictures and lovely memories. I'll never forget we shared. For ever your friend!

Harwood Happenings said...

You are just having way to much fun. You won;t want to come back home.