March 15, 2011

Looks like I made it!

And so did my camera cable. Thanks dear for sending it my way. This will be the first of my journey to Lancaster, PA. This is the morning sun just coming up over the Salt Lake Valley on Sunday morning. Wow, what a view. And just look at those beautiful mountains.

My first stop was Detroit. To get to my gate I had to enter the rainbow tunnel. The lights are changing all the time. Almost felt like I was in Oz.

From there I boarded a jumper plane that brought me into Harrisburg. From there I caught a taxi for a forty five minute drive to Strasburg. A little scary but I had a very nice driver. Fashi, from Kenya that took right good care of me.

This is my home until Friday. The Old Historic Stasburg Inn. It's located in a beautiful part of PA. Right close to Lancaster so we don't have to go far to the quilt show.

I hadn't been here very long and the horse and buggy's were everywhere. The Amish gather on Sunday evenings for what they call a hymn sing. So there were many traveling along the country roads just outside of the hotel. Look at the farm in the background, they are everywhere. Just like I pictured it.

My room is a nice one, and it's especially nice when you find something like a rose on your pillow. I thought to myself what a lovely gesture to do for all the guests on their arrival. But then it hit me that this is something my husband would do. Sure enough he had arranged to have it delivered to my room.

I'm here safe and sound. Tomorrow's (Monday) agenda: Meet my new friends, and I want you to meet them too. Catch you tomorrow.

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Yvonne said...

Finally you get to blog too! And you know what? It is so much fun to leave a comment on your blog and say: See you at breakfast in a while!