November 15, 2010

Bags & bags, oh my!

A group of my regular bag ladies wanted to get together for a special class of "My Favorite Bag". This bag just keeps going and going kind of like the Energizer Bunny! We met Saturday at the shop for an afternoon of sewing. During the middle of class my sweet husband showed up with a warm treat. He made us some of his homemade biscuits. It was a cold day so they hit the spot. There wasn't one left by the time it was time to come home. They were a hit. They wanted to know if this was going to happen at every class.
Luckily there was raspberry and strawberry jam in the fridge at work. You can't have homemade biscuits without the homemade jam!
This is Paula and myself with her bag. Isn't it cute? She did a beautiful job on it too.
Another cute bag from Kim.

The bags that are just about finished. These ladies must have been eating all the biscuits when they should of been sewing! JK These bags are goin to be really cute to when they are all finished. In this group photo we have Marianne, Alisha, Becca, Whitney, Nanette, Me and Katie. Now why in the world did they put me in the middle of the two tallest gals in the class?
On a side note, Marianne and Nannette's bags are made from Katie Cupcakes new line of fabric called Genevieve for Henry Glass. Katie is the designer of My Favorite Bag.


Micah and Melinda said...

I love love love this bag!!

Yvonne said...

Just by looking at the homemade biscuits I can remember how they smell! Stuart is the best! What a treat!
I know totally understand the name 'my favorite bag' it really became my favorite too. It carries everything I need to take with me and I get so many great comments! Everybody is asking about it and then I have to tell our story!
I am sure all the ladies in the picture are going to love using this bag!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Your bags and classes are legendary. I try to respond to your messages on my blog but they bounce back. Anyway, Loved your comments. I would love to retreat with you at Syds! You're on my list. I must do that sometime next year.

Rennie said...

Oh Shannon I cannot wait till my bag is finished. Together with you we made a most lovely combination of fabrics. Look at my blog I made specially for you a picture of a modern Dutch Christmas tree; see

Gayle said...

I am such an idiot !!! I had my stuff out and ready to go. I sat down to watch a little bit of the BYU game before I came over. Yep, snuggled up I fell asleep. Robert thought I looked so peaceful he just let me sleep. Are you going to be doing this one again ? I am pretty sure I am not smart enough to read the pattern and get it done myself.