November 30, 2010

Riding through a winter wonderland!

Here's a little something that will get you in the holiday mood. A tradition that the city of Spanish Fork has is something known as the Festival of Lights. It is located at the mouth of the canyon at Canyon View Park. It starts on Thanksgiving and runs til New Years. After a yummy supper at Brick Oven Thanksgiving weekend we decided to take Angie on a ride through the lights. Sit back and make believe you are riding through the park listening to the Christmas carols playing through your car, in our case, a truck radio. Here are a few of my favorites, enjoy the ride!
Dashing through the snow!
Land of the dinosaurs, long before my time!
Fiesta Day's Rodeo
Frosty the Snowman
Someday my prince will come. Oh wait, he already has!
Silent Night
You better not pout, sass, tattle or whine!
After we made the jont around the park we decided that as long as we were in the truck we would ride to Salem and see the lights on the pond.
The trees are really beautiful. They look like they are really floating on the pond. Look at the reflections in the water. There are so many more than this to see.
A evening well spent setting the mood for the holiday season. Did you enjoy the ride?


Yvonne said...

Sure we did! Am sitting with Alex on the couch watching the lights during our ride! (That is me, I think Alex is imagining he is driving the truck, hahahaha)
Very beautiful such a Festival, it sure will bring everyone around Spanish Fork in the mood!

Rennie said...

I drove through your park and it was wunderful. I sang the Christmas songs sitting at my laptop. It was really fun!

Lori said...

We are coming to Utah to visit our daughter at Christmas and would like to do this one. Is there a charge? I know Thanksgiving Point charges for their light display drive. I already told my daughter that we have to go to Brick Oven too. Love that place.