November 10, 2010

Taking time to play!

What a great way to start off our weekend in St. George. We had just enough time to swing in to get a burger at In and Out before my 6:00 bag class at Dave's Bernina. This was the weekend for the fall retreat at Dave's. My bag class was the kick off event. I did another mystery bag for them. I don't know what it is about these St. George ladies but they sure do love mysteries. Everyone had an enjoyable time sewing together.
This is Sondra and she comes all the way from the LA area. Now that is a dedicated retreat attendee if you ask me. I have had Sondra in classes before but I just thought she lived in St. George. She loves coming and sewing for the weekend. I think that is the farthest anyone has come to attend my classes. I fill honored by her doing so.
Janice, Julieann, and Maudie getting everything ready to sew. Now let's get this party started.
Some finished and some not. These ladies are to busy jibber jabbering that they don't get much work done. I guess I'm going to have to get the whip out. Shape up girls or I will. JK
Front row: Julieann and Janice are a mother daughter team. It's always fun seeing them again.
Back row: Sondra, Sue, Maudie, Ashley and myself.
Friday morning was a day to sleep in, yahoo! And when I woke up my personal chef,(Stuart) had made me a "biscuit over my hammy", as he called it. This was something new on the White house menu. I'm sure we will be fixing these again. Homemade biscuits to boot!
Then it was off to the Oasis Gun Club to do some clay pigeon shooting.
I don't know if we will ever master taking pictures of ourselves, but we sure do have fun trying to get the perfect one.
Did I get it? I am getting better and better everytime we go out. I do have a good coach, he tells me when to shoot which makes it easier. That isn't cheating is it? And it helps to have a fun gun that is just my size.
The pro and a super coach.
Boy was it hot in Mesquite, but we made it in the 85 degree heat. What a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

That evening we had super seats to the Michael Martin Murphy concert at the Tuachan.
We couldn't of asked for better weather. The fall chill in the air was just right. Michael put on a great show. He did some of his classic songs plus some new ones. The background behind him is the red rocks of Dixie. So pretty with the lights shining on them.
After the concert we went to Krave's Frozen Yogart. This is probably my favorite spot for a treat now. You should try it sometime when your there. You won't regret it.

Saturday morning after breakfast we headed to Zion's to see what was left of the fall colors and to make a stop at the best candy store around. We discovered it last spring on one of our visits there. So now everytime we head that way we make sure we stop in for a treat or two. The colors of fall fading away in the canyon but some of the spots were full of color like this one. The sun was peeking in through the rocks. What a pretty sight.
We did see some wildlife in the park.
On our way back home, by the way of Kanab we spotted this wagon annoucing Calvin T's. Could this really be? Some of you will know what this means to me but for those of you that don't let me explain. It goes like this, you see my dad's name was Calvin Thomas but I didn't know he owned a bar and barbeque resturant! I wonder if my brothers and sisters knew about this. Funny he never mentioned it to us! LOL
Both Stuart and I got a kick out of the sign. You know this kind of looks like my dad, the glasses and all. I don't think he owned a smoking gun though.

Check out the yummies we got at the candy shop.
I guess you could say we were acting like kids in a candy store! By the way, the name of this little shop is called Springdale Candy Company and they ship all over. Go to and have some shipped your way.
We finished up the day by going to the movie, Secretariet. What a great wholesome family movie. Even if we did know the outcome it sure was good. Afterwards we made it back again to Kraves. Can you tell I like this delecious treat?
What a great weekend and I didn't even make it to any fabric shops, now that's a first.


Allie said...

Wow--that is quite a full weekend! Looks like good times!

JanTSouthwick said...

Looks like a great weekend. I love "dad's" spot and the cute sign.

Martha said...

Your class looks like a fun one. Maybe I can take one from you the next time I am in Utah. Looks like you and hubby had a good time. It is always nice to get away alone.

Yvonne said...

I did recognize Janice in your class, she was there when I took a bagclass (your farthest student, that is me) (LOL) Those bags are really cute! And what a fun weekend you both had! Can't believe how warm ist stil is over there! You must have got some good energy! And those candies, they sure look yammie! So much fun to see that you did have such a good time!

Angie said...

How FUN! Those biscuit over my hammies look so yummy! See you tomorrow! :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh my gosh. What a fun fun post!