November 27, 2010

It's Turkey Time!

We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. It was mighty cold and windy here. We are very fortunate to have family close by that they don't have to travel far to get to Grandmother's house. We missed the Mitchell family and Angie. I know we have to share with the other family. One of these years we are going to be on the same schedule so everyone is around the White house table. Stuart tried something different in preparing our turkey. Deep frying is the way to go, omg it was heavenly. It turned out so moist and packed full of flavor. Compared to 7 or 8 hours our turkey only took 45 minutes to do. Boy did the house smell yummy with the bird cooking, yams and dressing baking in the oven. Let's do it again next year. We will probably be fixing more turkey's this way. Fast and very easy. Look at Tom, golden brown to perfection and ready for eatin'.
While I was mashing potatoes, Kira was making the gravy to go with them.

Stuart doing the honors of carving Tom, is there going to be leftovers?
Karas and baby are ready to eat. Bring it on, Grandpa!
"We are eating turkey today, not hamster(ZuZu Pet) Thayner Man!"
We were small in number this year, but we sure did lick our platters clean. Visiting and getting ready for the second round, for some!
G & G White, the host and hostess for the day.
You say chocolate and the kids come running. It must be time for pie. The kids opted for chocolate mousse pie over pumpkin. These kids are laughing at something, and I know what it is. Before I could turn away with the camera, Grandpa was doing his famous picture face. This would make anyone laugh.
Silly Grandpa!
I love chocolate, give me more!
Our pies this year were made by the one and only John Boy and I hear Kira and Hatch were in on it too. What an awesome treat, he spoiled us with pumpkin, chocolate mousse and a apple cinnamon one. Such a variety to choose from. John is now on pie duty when he visit's for Thanksgiving! Thanks to all our kids for making it such a nice Thanksgiving, what would we do without family?


Yvonne said...

It sure looks like you had a good Thanksgiving dinner! The Turkey looks yummie! We are not a turkey eating nation, I tried it once for Christmas, loved doing it but I think I will keep it by just one time! And that John has many talents! You know my love for pie and these I can almost smell....
I hope for you that next year you can sit around the table with everyone.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I saw this turkey fryer at Costco. I want one. My turkey is always dry. It is fun to see what you're up to.

Martha said...

I was introduced to fried turkeys (and crawfish boils) when I moved to Louisiana 18 years ago. All you need now is some cajun injector marinade and sprinkle on the Tony Chachere's seasoning. I like the way you fry it better. We use a huge pot on a burner outside with nearly 2 gallons of oil. What is it called..a deep fryer?