November 1, 2010

My best friends!

This is a first in a very long time. We were all at club Thursday night. We had a great time getting caught up on everyone and of course there was lots of laughter going on as well. I have the best time when I am with these ladies. We have been getting together for 31 years now. Liz and Melanie fixed hot soup in bread bowls that resembled a pumpkin. It just hit the spot on a chilly fall night. Thanks girls for being a part of my life, what would we do without each other?
Front row: Melanie and Liz, the hosts.
Back row: Elaine, Camille, Me, Kaye, Jan, Gaylene, Melba and Sharon

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Yvonne said...

31 years! That seems a lifetime doesn't it? You are so blessed to have these ladies in your life isn't that one of those things that make you happy and gratefull an evening among friends? Hope you will have many more years ahead of you together!